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quality saddlesIt's often difficult to find the perfect used saddle. When you search online, you often find a few classified ads sites with listings that may have long expired. Even if you find the saddle you're looking for, it may no longer be available.
That's the reason we developed the Used Saddle Search site. Here, you can find hundreds of saddles of all kinds. Whether you're looking for Western saddles, English saddles, or even saddle blankets, you're sure to find something you'll like here.

Find Just the Saddle You're Looking For

Maybe you're hoping to find a good deal on a quality Western saddle. If so, have you decided on a pleasure saddle, cutting saddle, roping saddle, barrel saddle, or maybe a show saddle? Look to the menu on the left. This will help you find the page that best matches what you're looking for.
And if you're interested in an English saddle, you can find just what you want with a couple of quick clicks or a simple search. You'll find great deals on Antares saddles, close contact saddles, dressage saddle, jumping and racing saddles - any type of English saddle you'd hope to find. Maybe you're in the market for a discount pessoa saddle? No matter what type of new or used saddle you're trying to locate, you'll probably find it right here on this site.
If you don't see a link to the product you're interested in, you can enter it into the search box located near the top of the page. For example, if you're interested in an Amerigo dressage saddle, simply type "Amerigo" into the search box and click the search button or press the Enter key on your keyboard. A list of available products that match your description will appear for you to choose from.

Quality Saddles Make the Difference

Smart horse owners know that a quality saddle can last for years. Finding the right saddle, whether it's new or used, can mean the difference between enjoying comfortable rides and enduring relentless pain - not to mention the loss of your investment. That's why it pays to look around for the best saddle you can find for the money you hope to invest. This site can help make the difference between finding just what you want versus settling for the only saddle you can find. There are numerous sites that advertise used saddles in a classified ad format. These horse classified ads can often help you find great deals, but this site takes it a step further by allowing you to purchase a new or used saddle within a safe and secure shopping area. This helps you to purchase the saddle of your choice with confidence in the secure sales process.
You'll find both new and used saddles throughout the site. Keep in mind that used saddles will likely provide the same level of quality as a new saddle without the hefty price tag. If you're new to riding or you only ride occasionally, a good quality used saddle may be just what you need. You can typically get a higher-quality brand name used saddle for the same price as a lower-quality new saddle, but you'll need to do a little research to find the best deal. When buying a used saddle online, be sure to use all of the available resources. Check the photos for wear, ask the seller to provide more detailed photos if necessary, and don't be shy about asking any questions you might have. The sellers are there to close the deal, and they'll work with you to make you feel comfortable about your purchase. If you find a seller that isn't cooperating, then simply move on until you find someone that does. Also, ask the seller for a try-out period. Some sellers will be willing to work out some type of arrangement with you, and it never hurts to ask.

Enjoy the Search for Your New Saddle

Spend some time navigating through the site to learn what we have to offer. You can search for specific items, or you can click on the general categories to browse through the saddles until you find what you're looking for. Either way, it sure beats searching through page after page only to end up at another dead end.

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